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Always looking for that “Hit” song…It can be a long drawn out process. We (my team and I) spend hours, writing and listening to hundreds of songs.

From different writers who have written many hit songs to working on our material hoping for the next chart topping song. This can be tiring, but also a lot of fun. When one of my team members thinks that they have found the next break-out hit, we all get together and listen to it over and over and over deciphering it to see if it works for me, and if it’s that break-out song, that number one song, that top 50 charting song, we are looking for.

But just because we might not think it’s that chart topper doesn’t mean we won’t use it on the album. If it meets my style and it has the fan appeal, you know that song that makes everyone sing when hearing it on the radio, then we will use it. Stay tuned for my next album full of “HIT SONGS".

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  • Guest (Mary Lee)

    My younger sister was not interested in reading books at all until we visited this exhibition. It was an experience full of positive emotions and great impressions. The most important fact is that the event aroused her interest in reading, though I didn't expect it to happen.

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  • Guest (Michael jenkins)

    My son had a lot of fun at the exhibition - he took photos of his favorite book heroes, read some short stories by young yet exceptionally talented authors and had a good time at the CBE's playground. It was a perfect opportunity to spend our free time and learn something new.

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